Time & Attendance

Use the clocking process for more than just managing time – communicate, share information and engage your teams too.


People led businesses can use the clocking process to share information, engage and help employees through the employee self-service kiosk (ESS). That transforms a function from something employees dislike (clocking in), into a system they want to use (where they get updates, messages and can share their own preferences).

From mobile GPS, wall mounted clocking devices, door access controllers, face clocks or proximity cards, to USB biometrics, we will always recommend the Time and Attendance solution that will make your business work better.

Here's how your business works better with Time Attendance:

  • The USB Hitachi finger Vein biometric scanner we recommend gives you highly accurate clocking anywhere using a web browser plugged into any Windows PC, Tablet, or laptop.
  • Smart Time and Attendance solutions eliminate time tardiness or "time theft" (by there being no margin of error).
  • You streamline administration associated with timesheets (there are no manual timesheets to process and 'match up').
  • Your managers have clear and accurate visibility and reporting on all aspects of their employees' attendance records, e.g. early/late starts, shifts worked, no shows, all at the touch of a button from anywhere.
Time & Attendance

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