Humanforce is a powerful, flexible and easy to use Workforce Management, Time and Attendance and Rostering solution that:

  • Consolidates all key workforce management requirements in one place
  • Delivers fast, effective and easy rostering
  • Offers the latest biometric time and attendance systems
  • Compiles timesheet data from multiple locations in one central system


Designed to streamline and automate operations in an organisation while providing greater visibility for management by consolidating requirements into a single user-friendly interface, here's how Humanforce helps you to work better:

Time & Attendance

Manage the people in your business to be in the right place, at the right time, to make your business Work Better. Read More

When you know who needs to be where and when, so the right people are in the right place, at the right time, your business works better. Monitoring time and attendance is an important management responsibility.

Make it easy to make sure everyone is qualified, security checked and on the right roster so you always have people in the right place, doing the right job, at the right time.

For your business to Work Better you know you need rules and regulations in place to protect your business and workforce – so set them up on your system.

Rostering & Scheduling

Easy to use, clear and clean layout for managing all your rosters and rotas. Read More

Integrate your Roster system with qualifications, leave planning and award interpretation in your Roster system – so you have all the information you need to create a roster that puts the right staff on shift every time.

Master templates and repeating rosters that highlight any exceptions save lots of admin time for managers.

Leave and availability becomes collaborative, and it's very easy for your people to plan their time off with clear visibility of what's possible.

KPIs and budgets are also displayed with rostersstrong> so your managers know they are hitting targets too.

Absence Management

Make replacing staff simple with a proven workflow process to manage any planned and unplanned absences. Read More

Unexpected sick leave or other absence replacement shifts can be handled immediately with replacements from a shortlist of available and qualified staff contacted via email or SMS right away.

Take the admin of absence away and deal with how that absence is managed immediately for both the employee AND their replacement.

You can even automate broadcasts for any leave cover automatically so you're never unsure how to fill shifts.

Employee Availability

Bring staff, management and business needs together to work better Read More

Let employees always see their leave balances or allowances without the need to ask management. And allow employees to scroll forward in their own calendars to see what leave will accrue for any future holidays they want to take.

When employees can see what shifts are available they can 'shift bid' - requesting and sharing their preferences for when they want to work. This makes shift filling very straightforward.

Employment Award Interpretation

Real costs in real time, for every employee, every time you run Payroll. Read More

Get real costs in real time for every employee.

The Awards engine allows you to submit accurate and up to date Timesheet Payroll data across countries, cost centres, contracts or employment agreements, every time.

Payroll Data

Payroll data is always accurate (no more manual errors) with automated awards, so when you link directly to your Payroll system, no manual data entry is needed and there are no mistakes. Read More

With simple and accurate data exports in 1 click – it's not complicated just complete.

And using the employment rules engine you'll know what benefits, allowances, rates and pay rules to apply to each employee automatically.

No managers waste time checking, looking up or confirming the information you need to run entirely accurate Payroll.

Your Payroll data can also be made country specific - so if your business is international managing different teams in different places with different set ups is simple (and you don't need a different system in each location).


Get accurate and up to date information to always be compliant, stored in one place for review and easy management Read More

Controlling compliance obligations is a growing risk to any businesses so we make sure you have that covered. There is a real need for accuracy and information to be kept up to date so we put all the information you need in one system – with alerts to remind you of updates needed.

Always meet your compliance obligations by managing all work visas, certificates, police checks or any other requirements your business has in one system.

Key Performance Indicators

Get the best information you can for your business to Work Better Read More

Industry specific KPIs can be set up to work dynamically from your Roster information – which makes measuring any employee related data quick, simple and accurate.

Add other data from your business into the KPI module to calculate all people related measurements.

For example if you're a Hospitality business we know you'll want to measure average spend per wage hour, or if you're a Retail business the number of sales transactions per labour hour, or if you're an Aged Care provider you'll want to measure care hours per resident ratio. We have KPIs we know will help you Work Better across all the industries we work in, and we'll show you how to set those up

Mobile Solutions

Use mobile phones and tablets to connect everyone in your business – employees and managers work better to manage time and attendance. Read More

Connecting your people by mobile devices means they are always able to work better, no matter where they are. Use mobile phones and tablets for Employees clocking in and out, for checking rosters, making requests and updates on availability and managing leave. Managers can check attendance, authorise timesheets and send messages from anywhere.

Employee Self Service

Put employees in control of their time, availability, requests and allow them to work better. Read More

With mobile access, or via a Kiosk at work let your employees engage with you the way they want to – in control of their own time and availability.

Let employees keep their own details up to date, so Payroll is accurate. Allow shift requests and swap bids, make it easy to apply for leave and to check their own allowances. Save time on admin tasks by making payslips, rosters and other important information easily available for each employee 'self service'.

Manager Self Service

Let managers manage without spending all their time on admin, with automated and streamlined people processes Read More

Being able to manage your team, look up attendance or approve sick leave and shift changes from anywhere you are any time (with online access), helps you work better.

Improve your productivity by reducing time spent on 'managing' your people processing administrative tasks, and get a closer eye on your costs.

All managers also have access to all the Employee Self Service (ESS) functions to manage their own details too (as Managers are also Employees).


Get portable, smart, and totally accurate clocking with biometrics. Read More

Our preferred biometric clocking system is a Hitachi vein scanner because it can be run from any Windows browser making it totally portable. The vein scanner can be easily used in different locations across your business (or wherever your business goes). Vein scanning gives incredible accuracy and reliability as the scanner reads the vein pattern under the skin (not a fingerprint) and so is not impacted by cuts or water damage (which a fingerprint can be).

We also supply fingerprint devices, smart cards, RFID, barcode, PIN numbers and mobile GPS clocking for time attendance and will recommend these if they will Work Better for your business.