Connecting people to their best work so business works better.We want your business to Work Better. Humanforce is how we do it

The 5 elements of the Humanforce Work Better Philosophy

Impacting all these areas makes a business Work Better, so we don't just focus on one fix, we make them all work together.

When it comes to People we know...

HR works better when it's clear on the contribution all employees are making. The more HR can see and understand and manage (easily) the better the business will work.

Employees - Work Better when they can see more and do more to manage their own work. With easy access to manage their own working experience they Work Better.

A business works better when it's human capital works better as an asset.

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When it comes to Leadership we know...


When a CEO knows that their workforce is where they need to be, doing what needs to be done, and managers have all the information they need to hand, they know the business works better. With reports that reflect the real time position of a business it works better

Managers who can let employees organise themselves to work their best, who can see who is where and doing what in a business at any time while they are at work, and can report, reflect and plan with accuracy will always make a business Work Better.

Boards who know that CEOs and Managers have the human capital in the business working at its best can focus on growing the business (and will know what that takes from the great reports they have).


When it comes to your Market we know...


Marketing always needs to know that what they are promoting can be delivered, so with direct and clear access to data, they can plan and promote knowing that people will be able to deliver their promises. Marketing that is backed up by great delivery makes a business Work Better.

Sales are maximized when the right people are in the right place having the right conversations with customers. Business works better if you can direct your resources where they need to be as demand dictates.

Customers want great service, and when they get it they return, buy more, and refer business. With better management of customer demand you will be providing a better service and that will make the business Work Better.


When it comes to Reporting we know...


Finance works better when they have ALL the right numbers with simple processes to collect them. Clear, on time (real time) and accurate numbers create reports that make a business Work Better. When you know when and what to spend money on in your business it works better.

Investors who can see more details of a company's performance can see their investment Work Better: risks are lower, and the business looks future proof.


When it comes to Delivery we know...


Operations can Work Better when they know all the resources available to them, the costs, and the output. It's absolutely about being in control and having as much knowledge as possible that allows operations to Work Better both in real time and plan ahead.

IT works better when it can deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. Working with the devices and hardware they already have, and not making it hard to manage, Tech departments can make business Work Better. This keeps costs low, but results high.